Thank you for choosing our website for your shopping needs! We are committed to providing you with excellent service and a convenient shopping experience. Below is our delivery information to provide you with clear guidance:


Delivery Coverage

     We offer nationwide (or specific region) delivery coverage. No matter where you are, we strive to deliver the goods to your doorstep.


Delivery Methods

     We provide various flexible delivery options to meet your needs. This includes standard shipping, expedited delivery, and pickup from designated locations. You can choose the most suitable delivery method based on your preferences.


Delivery Time

     We aim to process and dispatch your order as soon as possible. Generally, orders are processed within one business day after confirmation. Delivery time varies depending on the region, typically ranging from 3 to 7 business days. For special items or circumstances, we will inform you of the estimated delivery time during order confirmation.


Delivery Fees

     Delivery fees are calculated based on specific factors such as the weight, dimensions, and delivery location of the items in your order. The detailed breakdown of delivery fees will be clearly displayed at the checkout page. We strive to optimize delivery costs and provide you with reasonable pricing.


Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered working days


Why are the items in my order individually packed?

     Usually, we try to ship all your items together. Nevertheless, we may choose to split your order to ensure that you receive your order faster. If this happens, you will be given a separate tracking number for each package. Don't worry even if we send multiple packages, we won't charge you more than the shipping rates you see at checkout.


What does backorder of goods mean?

     Backorders are out-of-stock items that are expected to be returned soon. When you order an item that is backordered, you basically keep it in the size and color you want. You won't be charged once it's back in stock before it's shipped.


     When ordering, you should be able to see the estimated shipping date of the item on the product page and at checkout. Once your order is placed, you will get an estimated shipping date via email. We will keep you informed and notify you if these dates change.


When will my item be shipped?

     If the item you ordered is temporarily out of stock (backordered), you'll see the estimated ship date on the product page and in your shopping bag. We will keep you informed and notify you if this date has changed.


Do I have to pay additional shipping for backordered items?

     No. You don't have to pay any additional shipping or backorder charges, even if some items are shipped separately.


Can I change my mind and cancel my backorder item?

     Yes. If you no longer want to wait for backordered items, we can help you remove them from your order. Please contact us via this form and our customer service specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.